We are very selective when it comes to each and every one of our herd members. Disposition & Pedigree are key. After all, that in itself is a direct reflection of every little life produced here at LSL. Fun Colors are a bonus! Every herd member here holds all three qualities, and more! They are truly little gems. Get to know & love our herd!
All bunnies under "Our Hollands" belong to LSL's herd, and are NFS.
Meet Our Does!

D&B's Lily Blossom︱BEW

Lily holds an extra special place in my heart! She was one of the first doe's to join our herd! She is the most nurturing mama! She is so attentive, clean, and doting! She loves dill, and will not hesitate to rip it straight from your hands! We love our Lily Blossom.

Honey Bun's Denver︱Blue Otter VM

Denver came to us from Florida. She has an amazing temperament, with beautiful marking’s and intense Blue eyes all rolled up into a very tiny ball of perfection. Den has exceeded all of our expectations & is an absolute phenomenal mama.

CDL's Oakley︱Black Torte Broken

Oakley is a little beauty queen! She is one of our most laid back, relaxed bunns here at LSL. Oakley loves soaking up the sun on her jumping shelf and can always be found shoving her nose through her cage demanding love.

Laplop's Hope︱Black Torte Broken

Hope is hands down, our best eater here at LSL! This girl loves her greens, herbs, veggies, fruits, hay & pellets. All food is great food in hopes eye's. 

BBR's Calliope ︱Smoked Pearl.

Calliope is one of the most phenomenal mama's! She is also amazing with kids. Calliope's favorite treat is Basil! She has the most beautiful eyes, and loves her head scratches. Calliope is very low maintenance, and easy to please.

BBR's Riley︱Solid Blue

Pretty, Ry! This pretty mama is actually Lily Blossom's daughter! I adore the fact that I can look at her and see so much of her mom's features. Especially those ears.

LSL's Brea︱Tri-Color

New Herd Member - Produced by LSL.

BBR's Ryan︱Chocolate

Ryan is such a sweet & sassy girl! She is very smart, and definitely a visual learner. Any chance she gets to escape an open door, it's party time in Ryan's mind! We admire the life and spirit this girl brings to our lives!

Shauna's Stella ︱Sable Magpie VM

Stella is such a ham! She loves to be outside, especially when it's cold. Stella joined our herd in November, 2019. All the way from Georgia! Stella gives us the most colorful babies and is an outstanding mom.

Reeder's Laguna︱Orange 

Laguna is one of our newest herd members! New photo to come. We are so excited to have this tiny, sweet girl.

BBR's Clara ︱Chinchilla

Clara does no wrong, truly. This girl is the definition of low maintenance. She is clean, playful, a great mom, and loves her hay!

LTL's Alice In Wonderland︱Harlequin

Oh, Alice! This girl definitely lives in her own little world. Her charm will make anyone smile! I will say, she is definitely our little oddball. No mold fits this girl. And that is okay!

BBR's Berkeley︱Blue Torte Otter

Berkeley is Fresno's daughter! She is a little bundle of joy! Berkeley loves nose kisses, and dislikes the sound of a trash bag being opened. We are so in love with this girl!

Reeder's T-43︱Chocolate Otter

Coming to LSL late 2020.

Meet Our Bucks!

BBR's River ︱Blue Broken

River is loved by anyone who meets him. He has an obsession with stringing toilet paper around the house. He also loves to shove his face and both front feet into his water bowl almost daily. We love our Riv, he is definitely one of a kind.

Diegel's Fresno︱Blue Otter

Fresno, formally known as Diegel's "Edmund", Fresno is mischievous, and fun!! He is a little escape artist & manages to get out of his tier almost nightly to run the Bunny Burrow. He brings us so much joy and is truly irreplaceable.

LSL's FJ︱Blue Otter

Fj is Fresno's clone! He get's into so much trouble. Climbs on everything he isn't supposed too, and loves jumping on top of the hay ball hanging in the cage and standing on his hind legs! He reminds me of his dad more and more everyday. 

Shauna's Tennessee︱Chocolate Otter

Tennessee is a goofy boy! He loves to sleep with his eyes open and toss willow balls in the air. We love this tiny boy, so much!

Fraine Farm's Sacramento︱Black Otter

Sacramento just wants to be loved on all day, every day! He is one of the biggest sweethearts. He loves laying down, sprawled out like a frog with his head hanging out of his tier door. He is definitely our definition of "lovey dovey"

CDL's Solano︱Cream VM.

This Sweet boy just joined our herd September, 2020! Solano is a love bug! We are so excited to see what we produces for our Vienna program in the future!

CDL's Dublin ︱Black Torte VM

We are still on a roll with our Cali city names! Dublin is stunning! We will have photos of him in the near future. We adore this free spirited boy so much!

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