Each of our herd members are either produced here at LSL, or brought in from select breeders around the US. They are truly little gems, inside and out. Get to know & love our herd!
All bunnies under "Our Hollands" belong to LSL's herd, and are Not For Sale.
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Meet Our Does!

D&B's Lily Blossom︱BEW

Lily holds an extra special place in my heart! She was one of the first doe's to join our herd! She is the most nurturing mama! She is so attentive, clean, and doting! We love our Lily Blossom.

Honey Bun's Denver︱Blue Otter VM

Denver came to us from Florida. She has an amazing temperament, with beautiful marking’s and intense Blue eyes all rolled up into a very tiny ball of perfection. Den has exceeded all of our expectations & is an absolute phenomenal mama.

CDL's Oakley︱Blue Torte Broken

Oakley is one of our most laid back, relaxed girls here at LSL. She loves soaking up the sun and is always demanding nose kisses.

BBR's Berkeley︱Blue Torte Otter

Berkeley is a breath of fresh air! We are so in love with this little social butterfly. We are planning her first litter in early spring, 2021.

BBR's Ryan︱Chocolate

Ryan is a hoot! Every time this mama builds a nest, she loves to pack it full of toys & any goodies she can find as presents for her littles before they arrive. Such a sweet mama!

Southern Bleu's Newport ︱Cream

Newport is a very reserved girl! She is one of our newest members here at LSL! We will update her bio as we learn more about this pretty girls personality!

Reeder's Laguna︱Solid Orange 

Laguna is cute as a button! She has so much character in those big brown eyes of hers! She is a fantastic mama, and loves hands on interaction!

BBR's Clara ︱Chinchilla Agouti

Clara is such a lady! She is always grooming herself. Her cage is always tidy. Clara is an outstanding mama and foster mama! 

LSL's Brea︱Orange & Black Tri-Color

Our little Petite Petunia! Brea loves to forage! A box full of hay and treats will keep her busy all day! We are planning Brea's first litter early 2021.

LSL's Quinn︱Orange Broken

This fun loving little Princess is not only beautiful, but has amazing disposition. We have loved watching her blossom & will be planning her first litter in Spring, 2021.

LL's Alice In Wonderland︱Harlequin

Alice is a naturally gentle little soul. Her charm will make anyone smile! Alice is a dedicated mama and produces the cutest little smoosh face babies, with the most gorgeous colors.

BBR's Riley︱Solid Blue

Riley is Lily's daughter. Riley has taught us so much about color genetics just within her litters. She was the first girl to ever produce a BEW baby for us here. We appreciate all of the knowledge we have soaked up from this sweet girl.

Reeder's Catalina︱Chocolate Otter

Catalina is such a Beauty! She is also an amazing mom and foster mama!

LSL's Sabrina︱Broken Black Otter

Sabrina is a doll baby! She is full of quirk, and a complete sweetheart. We plan to welcome Sabrina's first litter in Summer 2021.

SSBR's Venice ︱Blue Magpie

Venice is a tiny little thing! We are still learning about Venice's personality and will update her bio in the near future!

Meet Our Bucks!

All bunnies under "Our Hollands" belong to LSL's herd, and are Not For Sale.

LSL's Fresno Jr. "FJ"︱Blue Otter

FJ is Fresno's son. As you can imagine, he holds a lot of sentimental value to us. He brings so much joy to us everyday, even though he is an absolute menace just like his dad. In lieu of losing Fresno, we have decided FJ will replace his dad as our main herd sire, early Spring 2021. He has some big paws to fill.

Shauna's Tennessee︱Chocolate Otter

Tennessee is always happy! He has a nightly routine of grabbing either his willow ball or toilet paper roll and running circles around his cage. We call this his "Party for Parsley" dance.

LSL's "TBD"︱Black Torte Broken

This sweet boy is Laguna's son. He is such a little show stopper! We are still deciding on names for this handsome little man!

BBR's Thor︱Solid Black Otter

This perfect guy, melted my heart from day one! Thanks so much to BBR, for another little piece of Fresno! We are over the moon excited to see what Thor produces for us in the future!

Fraine Farm's Sacramento︱Black Otter

Sacramento just wants to be loved on all day, every day! He is one of the biggest sweethearts. He loves laying down, sprawled out like a frog with his head hanging out of his tier door. He is definitely our definition of "lovey dovey"

BBR's River ︱Blue Broken

River is loved by anyone who meets him. He has an obsession with stringing toilet paper around the house. He also loves to shove his face and both front feet into his water bowl almost daily. He is definitely one of a kind.

CDL's Atlan︱Cream VM

This Sweet Blue eye'd boy just joined our herd September, 2020! We are so excited to see what we produces for our Vienna program in the future.

CDL's Huntington︱Solid Chocolate

This teeny tiny boy has a personality and a half! Huntington is a hand licker, and he sleeps on his back with his legs straight up in the air!

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