Every one of our herd bucks play a pivotal role in our breeding program. We chose each of our guys based on their personality, pedigree and overall conformation. We are bonded to every buck in our herd, which is extremely important to us. Spending time to love and gain trust in our herd directly reflects their performance and quality of life.
Happy Bunnies ➞ Happy Babies ➞ Happy Families! 
Get to know & love our boys!
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The bunnies below belong to LSL and are not for sale.

LSL's Fresno Jr. "FJ"︱Blue Otter

FJ is Fresno's son. As you can imagine, he holds a lot of sentimental value to us. He brings so much joy to us everyday, even though he is an absolute menace just like his dad. In lieu of losing Fresno, we have decided FJ will replace his dad as our main herd sire, early Spring 2021. He has some big paws to fill.

LSL's Swagger Jr. "SJ"︱Black Torte Broken

This is such a little show stopper! In Fact, we are excited to announce that he will be shown at HLSR 2021! Good luck, SJ! We love you!

Fraine Farm's Sacramento︱Black Otter

Sacramento just wants to be loved on all day, every day! He is one of the biggest sweethearts. He loves laying down, sprawled out like a frog with his head hanging out of his tier door. He is definitely our definition of "lovey dovey"

BBR's Thor︱Solid Black Otter

This perfect guy, melted my heart from day one! Thanks so much to BBR, for another little piece of Fresno! We are over the moon excited to see what Thor produces for us in the future!

BBR's River ︱Blue Broken

River is loved by anyone who meets him. He has an obsession with stringing toilet paper around the house. He also loves to shove his face and both front feet into his water bowl almost daily. He is definitely one of a kind.

CDL's Huntington︱Solid Chocolate

This teeny tiny boy has a personality and a half! Huntington is a hand licker, and he sleeps on his back with his legs straight up in the air!

Shauna's Tennessee︱Chocolate Otter

Tennessee! This goofy man has a daily routine of grabbin' his willow ball as soon as he sees me, and dancing circles in excitement!

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