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Take a sneak peek into our nest boxes! LSL Parents that are notated for each litter or planned breeding may be referenced under the "Our Hollands" tab. 

LSL reserves the right to first pick of any/all babies from litters produced. As babies grow we will notate if babies are "On Hold for LSL" along with a "Decision Date." Those babies will remain in the nest box until we make our decision on the specified date.
Being "On Hold", means we are watching specific babies grow, and considering them as potential new herd members. Please continue to check back, as this is subject to change at our discretion. If we decide to part with "On Hold" babies, they will become available to our waitlist families. We will send an email out 72 hours before they are posted and available on the site. 
Babies without "On Hold" notations will be available on their scheduled reservation dates.

Lily x Southern Bleu's Denali

(2) Kits

Blue Eyed White

Blue Eyed White - On Hold for LSL

Reservations 11.01.20

Go Home Date 11.17.20

Sire - Southern Bleu's Denali - Black VM

(1) Baby on hold for LSL at this time. 

Currently On Hold For LSL

Denver x Fresno

(1) Blue Otter - Buck

*Decision Date: 11.04.20*

Oakley x Tennessee

(1) Blue Broken Otter - Buck

(1) Blue Broken Otter - Doe

*Decision Date: 11.18.20*

Lily Blossom x Denali

(1) Blue Eyed White - Doe

*Decision Date: 12.09.20*

Future Planned Breeding's for 2021

Alice In Wonderland x TBD

Lily Blossom x TBD

Denver Sky x TBD

Berkeley x TBD

Catalina x TBD

Oakley x TBD

Clara x TBD

Hope x TBD

Ryan x TBD

Riley x TBD

Brea x TBD

Please Note: Occasionally, LSL will work with our sister Rabbitry, Bailey Bunnies (BBR) when pairing our Bucks or Doe's.  In these cases, LSL will notate the Dam/Sire's color or provide a photo snippet for reference.

2020 Christmas Baby Arrivals

Detailed Litter Info - TBD

Denver x Southern Bleu's Marty

Oakley x Southern Bleu's Denali

Alice in Wonderland x Voodoo's Remi

Laguna x Willow Rocks Swagger

Clara x Voodoo's Remi

Reservations open 12.05.20

Go Home Date Ranges - 12/11-12/20

ALL babies must go home by 12.20.20

* Due to a software error in calculating gestation times for mama's, some due dates have changed. Reservation openings & pick up date range remains the same.*

2020 Christmas Pairing's

Expecting soon!

Stella x Tennessee

Non-  LSL Litter Sires

Voodoo's Remi - Solid Chocolate

Willow Rocks Swagger - Broken Torte 

Southern Bleu's Marty - Blue Eye'd White

Southern Bleu's Denali - Black VM

BBR's Titus - Tri-Color Buck

Interested in being added to our wait list? Please click the link below to fill out our Bunny Burrow Nursery Application! Currently, our wait list is 6-8 litters out.


Nest Box Updated 10.19.2020

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