Alice In Wonderland x Prosecco

(4) Kits

Orange & Black Tri-Color 

Orange & Black Tri-Color

Dilute Harlequin 

Orange & Black Harlequin

Reservations 08.16.20

Go Home Date 08.30.20

Please see reservation date change above, for Alice's babies. Being that all babies are so tiny, we will be shifting out reservations 1 week and babies will not go home until 9 weeks. These are true dwarf babies and will be on the smaller side full grown. (2-3lbs)

Take a sneak peek into our nest boxes! Parents are notated at the top of each litter/planned litter. You may reference them under the "Our Hollands" tab. We only have one rule here... │♥ Don't wake the babies ♥ │

♡ Expecting Mama's ♡

Denver x Fresno 

Due ~ 08.16.20

Calliope x Arlow ♡

Due ~ 08.21.20

Stella x Tennessee ♡

Due ~ 08.25.20

Hope x CHR's Martell ♡

Due ~ 09.02.20

Laguna x Willow Rocks Swagger ♡

Due ~ 09.03.20

Riley x Tennessee ♡

Due ~ 09.05.20

Christmas Babies for 2020 ♡

Alice in Wonderland x BBR's Titus.

Denver x Sacramento.

Ryan x Tennessee.

Oakley x Dublin.

Stella x Arlow.

Clara x Dublin.

Future Planned Breeding's for 2021 ♡


Please Note; LSL holds rights to first pick of litter, from all litters produced. What you see in the Nest Box Check for each litter may not reflect all babies in that litter, only the babies that will be available for reservation for each litter.

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