Frequently Asked Question's

Where are you located?

The Woodlands/Spring, Texas. Zip code 77380

What breed of bunnies do you raise?

We are solely dedicated to raising Holland Lops.

How much are your bunnies?

Our Holland's are categorized & priced as Pet ($195) or Pedigree ($255) Category is notated in the description of each bunny. 

How are your bunnies housed?
Our bunn's are housed in 30 x 30 & 36 x 30 (3) tier stack cages. All made from Galvanized baby wire. Each
space between cages has its own Duraplast slide out litter tray. They also each have ABS plastic, snap
in rest mats. We also have some bunn's that do not care for our tiers due to their naturally bad depth
perception. Those bunn's are in XL SF cages, to eliminate the stress of being higher off the ground. 

Do you offer a health guarantee?
Yes. All bunnies purchased from LSL come with a 5 day health guarantee.

May I see your Rabbitry?
Until further notice, we are running a closed Rabbitry.


Why do we run a closed Rabbitry?

The decision to run a closed Rabbitry was a tough one. Due to Covid-19 & the RHDV2 virus, LSL decided to run a permanently closed Rabbitry to ensure the health and safety of our herd. As much as we love visitors, public access to the Bunny Burrow could potentially and unintentionally compromise the health of our herd. Our 580 sq ft garage has been completely renovated to provide a climate controlled environment for our bunn's, away from all outside ailments. We truly work very hard to maintain this. We have increased our bio-security and sanitary measures, as well. Ultimately, this allows us to continue providing healthy bunnies for every family, which also directly reflects our ability to offer a health guarantee for every bunny sold here at LSL.  

Does my bunny come with a Pedigree?
Although all of our bunnies here at LSL are pedigreed, not all are eligible. We categorize all bunnies at our discretion, based on features and genetic lineage. If you are wanting a Pedigree for the bunny you purchase, please make sure that bunny is eligible. This will be notated in the description of each bunny.

Do you treat your bunnies for parasites?
Yes. Babies are treated at 4 weeks, and again at 8 weeks. Going forward, we recommend preventative maintenance every 6 weeks. Our entire herd is treated with internal and external parasite control every 6 weeks.

What is a Holland Lops average size full grown?

2-4 pounds on average. Weight always varies with the quality of your bunnies diet, size of their parents, and overall genetic make up. True dwarfs will always be on the smaller side. False dwarfs can weigh up to 5 pounds. 

Should I get two bunnies so one isn’t lonely?

You do not need to purchase two bunnies. Bunnies do just fine with only human interaction/bonding, as long as you and your family have the proper time to spend with your bunny. If you do not have at least 2-4 hours a day to interact with your bunny, you can consider getting a second. Bunnies can start to socially regress without interaction, playtime, or having a grooming mate. (Generally, this is the family/owner.) Spayed/Neutered Buck and Doe pairs do better, when considering a second bunn. This is because they can work more harmoniously with each other, rather than developing territorial habits.

Do you ship your bunnies out of state?
We do not currently ship bunnies.

Are you willing to meet or deliver a bunny?
Please contact me before reserving a bunny in need of transportation/meeting. In some cases, we
will deliver for a fee which is determined by distance and availability.

**Please note** At this time, we are not delivering, meeting or working with transport due to
COVID-19 & the RHDV2 virus.

Will your Rabbitry provide advice for my bunny?
Always. We offer advice for the life time of your bunny.

Does my bunny need shots?
No. There is currently no vaccination In the US for a bunny. However; it is always good to find & establish an exotic vet for your bunny. Bunnies will need vet visits for spay/neuter appointments, annual check up's, or illness.

Can I be allergic to a bunny?
Like most pets, being allergic to your bunn is always possible. Allergies from dander can be managed by using water
based, non-scented baby wipes on your bunny during times when you notice excessive shed, or molting. More commonly, in our experience, the hay actually triggers allergies more than the bunny. Oat, Orchard grass & Meadow hay we have noticed, has a considerably lower amount of dust. 
We also purchase Oxbow, for all of our Timothy Hay. The quality cuts from Oxbow have proven to give off less dust vs other brands we have tried. Airtight plastic containers work wonders, as well.

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