Our Does are truly little gems, inside and out. Temperament, disposition, age, health, conformation, and pedigree are just a few qualities that we look for when we consider adding a new girl to our herd. We adore every single one of our mama's, so much! Get to know & love our girls!
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The bunnies below belong to LSL and are not for sale.

BBR's Berkeley︱Blue Torte Otter

Berkeley is a breath of fresh air! She has her daddies personality and is an outstanding mama! We love you Berk-a-lerk!


Wolf Creek's Sonoma ︱Chocolate Broken

Sonoma has finally joined our herd! We are over the moon excited to have her here with us. She has taught me so much and is a doting and attentive mama bear!


Reeder's Laguna︱Solid Orange 

Laguna is a silly girl. She is super tiny with big beautiful Brown eyes that she uses to get pretty much anything she wants! We love this spoiled girl!


HH's Selma︱Madagascar Torte

Selma is stunning! She is a quiet girl and gentle girl who loves head scratches and Quaker Oats tunnels! Selma's first litter will be ready to go home in December 2021.


Reeder Farmhouse's Charlie︱Broken Black Otter

Charlie joined our herd in April, 2021. She is such a gentle natured sweet soul. We adore this girl, and hope all of her babies take on her personality.


CDL's Oakley︱Blue Torte Broken

Oakley is one of our most laid back, relaxed girls here at LSL. She loves soaking up the sun and is always demanding nose kisses.


LL's Alice In Wonderland︱Harlequin

Alice is a naturally gentle little soul. She is quiet, docile, and does no wrong! Alice is a dedicated mama and produces the cutest little smoosh face babies, with the most gorgeous colors.


CDL's Solana︱Broken Chocolate

Oh, Solana! We have been waiting for you! This beauty queen, is Sonoma's daughter. She is quiet, reserved and quite the princess. We love this pretty lady so much!


LSL's Napa Valley︱Black Self

Our tiny little Napa! We are SO excited to add Napa to our family. She is a canvas of color waiting to come out, one of them being Lilac! 


SSBR's Venice ︱Sable Magpie

 Photo coming soon.


Lonestar Lops is a registered member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association.