Nursery Waitlist Application
What You Need To Know

We work off of a waitlist. A huge part of what makes us different here at LSL, is that we do not mass breed. We require an approved application to be added to our waitlist. We do our best to place babies in the best possible homes with loving and dedicated owners. We are a small scale Rabbitry. Breeding Hollands is our hobby. We spend one on one time with all of our babies, handling them from birth, and socializing them until they are ready to go to their new homes. Being small, and remaining small gives us the opportunity to truly learn about each individual personality of every bunny we place. We care about our bunnies being placed in the best possible homes just as much as we care about making sure our families go home with a bunny that fits their home the best. Holland Lops are a 7-10 year commitment. Placing the right baby with the right family is our top priority.