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All of our bunnies will go home with a Bunny Bundle package and a Health Guarantee. Each bundle will include a re-usable tote containing 1 lb. of transition pellet food, a bundle of hay, nail clippers, a chew toy, bag of treats and your bunny's Birth Certificate. Electronic documents included in the bundle, are an extensive care packet on how to care for your bunny. As always, we are here to provide advice and support for the life time of your bunny!

All of our bunnies are purebred and fully pedigreed. A full pedigree is a document that shows the lineage of a bunny at least 4 generations back. Each bunny is placed in a nonadjustable "Pet" or "Pedigree" category at our discretion. Most of our babies here at LSL are placed into pet homes. Pet home bunnies are not sold with their pedigree. Pedigree eligible babies are offered to 4H/FFA kids, only. 

Category pricing are as follows; 

Pet only: $235┃4H/FFA Pedigree: $295

We require a $65 plus tax deposit to reserve a bunny.

All bunnies must be at least 8 weeks old before they leave us here at LSL. No exceptions.

Available bunnies are posted on the site as close to 6 weeks as possible. The amount listed when reserving a bunny on our site is the deposit amount, only. All deposits will be applied to the full price of the bunny. All sales are final when reserving a bunny. Please ensure you are committed to the bunny you choose, as we do not offer for families to "switch" to a different bunny once a deposit has been placed. In the unlikely event that something happens to your bunny while in our care, we will refund or replace.

*If you are under the age of 18, please have a parent or guardian contact us to reserve a bunny.*

We no longer sell Brood bunnies to Breeders residing within the Texas state lines. We have a very specific philosophy on how we raise our bunnies and will continue to work with select Breeders outside of Texas that share our philosophies. We will still work with 4H/FFA kids within Texas, when we have potential 4H/FFA bunnies available.

We do not ship bunnies domestically or internationally.

All bunnies require pick up from our Rabbitry.

 We are located in The Woodlands, Texas. Zip code 77380.

For more detailed information on our policy's or terms and conditions, you may access our Sales Agreement by clicking the button below. A signed copy of our Sales Agreement will be required at time of pick up. (We will provide the printed copy.)

LSL Sales Agreement