Hello, and welcome! My name is Taylor. I am the owner here at Lonestar Lops Rabbitry! I moved here from California in 2005, but have always considered Texas my Home. I officially opened as an LLC and started raising Holland Lops in December, 2018. Although we are a fairly new Rabbitry, our love for Hollands is not. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for all animals. As a little girl, I always wanted to "save" every living thing. As I got older, my passion only grew stronger. My daughter and I fell in love with our first Holland Lop in 2014. Unfortunately, the passing of our little doe at only two years old, also became a tough life lesson for us on the monumental impact a life endures due to poor breeding. So, this is my journey. I have an open book mindset. Honesty and integrity is how I choose to run my business. Everyday I am learning and  growing while creating and caring for little lives. And loving every second of it. 


Being a small business owner is tough, but it is also extremely rewarding. We don't breed for show, or run a bunny mill. We raise loving, social babies as a hobby, and for the love of the Holland Lop breed. To be able to give that same joy and happiness to all of our families, is what makes us happy. As a single mom who also works full time in Oil & Gas, I decided to turn my dream into reality after the purchase of my first home in 2018. We have completely renovated our 580 sq ft garage space, and dedicated it solely to our Hollands! Our bunnies live in a completely climate controlled space with heating, AC, epoxy flooring and lots of room for playtime! 



We are proud members of the ARBA.

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